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After looking up and down, we failed to find a website to provide comprehensive directory for him. As such we decided to create one for Malaysian as well as visitors coming to Malaysia seeking for some fun.

We will try our best to collect data as much as possible, however we are unable to ensure the accuracy for all information. Therefore, your feedback would be highly appreciated.

In this directory, you will find a list of service provider of massage parlor, escort agency, spa and some freelancer. We do not recommend to deal with anyone who is asking for deposit. Normally cash on delivery will be fine in Malaysia.

Work hard and play hard, please to remind safety first. Please standby at least 2-3 condoms when you are dealing with freelance. We would also recommend to bring your own condom when visiting some of the massage parlor or escort agency due condom provided normally in low quality.

Please feel free to leave your suggestion should you have any idea for improvement.

Thank you very much.