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1412u.com is online directory for escorts, massage parlors, spa in Malaysia. We aim to bring in different service providers to you to experience the differences while they bring you escorts from different parts of the world like Russia, China, Macau, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries.

We provide the platform for customers can meet and hook-up with escort girls.

We will also try to add in more listing from other type of service provide in order to provide more choices and more fun.


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We have designed our website in a way that everything you need is right there on the homepage.

HOME, There are profile photos of gorgeous girls in Malaysia from different escort service providers, masseurs from service provider, escorts in spa…

If you click on one, it will provide information which you need to know. you will be taken to the profile where you will see more details about her even if you are not signed in. For examples: who is the service provider, name, age, nationality, measurement, services provided, contact numbers, price…

DIRECTORY, still cannot find someone suitable for you from service provider? No worry, you can click on this menu which will to find some other service providers for more choices. Surely someone can provide what you want…

Click on the city you are staying, you can find the service providers near to your location. Click on their profile picture, you will find their contact, type of services, nationality of escorts or masseurs.


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Our site has many features that make using it bliss. Even with little computer knowledge, you can be able to navigate the site and find what you are looking for.

You have to register for a free account there. Whether you are a man looking for MY escort or an escort girl looking for customers, registration is free. Registering your account is so easy and in less than a minute, you will be done.

Just simply click on LOGIN or MY ACCOUNT, you will be taken to a short registration form which you only need to fill in your full name and email. Password will be sent to your inbox. Then you will be ready to access the entire profiles of the escort girls in Malaysia on our site.

Please remember to add any escorts from our catalogue into your wishlist. Then you can schedule your time to fix appointment for fun.

If you click on MY ACCOUNT to register, please do not tick “Apply to become a vendor?”. This is only open for service provider.


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You wish to provide your services in our website? Once you click on MY ACCOUNT for registration, please tick “Apply to become a vendor?“,  you will then be sent an email with password. Our sales team will contact you with payment details.

You can now set up your shops. Once payment received & verified, then your shops will go live.


Rates Your Service Provider,

Finally, customers can leave a review for the Malaysia escort when their rendezvous is over.

You can either put your rating (1 star to 5 star) on Malaysia escort, or service provider.

If you feel you must leave a few words to complement, please leave your review.

Your rating and review will help other men know what a great time you have had.

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