Common abbreviation being used by domestic Cheongster (Man looking for fun on bed). They have do discriminate against women, any race or any foreign visitors.

AAMP = Apartment Asian Massage Parlor. Based in a residential apartment instead of a commercial storefront.
ASP = Adult Service Provider
Agency = A company/person that manages calls & bookings for a group of escorts or masseurs (代理)
Ang Pai = Top Dog, popular escorts or masseurs (红牌)
AR = Ass Rimming/ Analingus/ Anal (Oral stimulation of anus) (毒龙钻/爆菊花)
ASP = Adult Service Provider (性服务提供者)
ATF = All Time Favorite (最受欢迎的)
Auto Roaming = can touch top/ bottom (also raba-raba) (猫澡)

B2B = body to body
BBBJ = Bare Back Blow Job (无套口交)
BJ = Blow Job(口交)
BLS = Ball Licking and Sucking(舔蛋蛋)
Batin = healthy HJ without cum (抓根)

CBJ = Covered Blow Job(有套口交)
CFM = Cum Fcuk Me (look) (淫荡样貌, 字面上的直接翻译是: 来吊我吧!)
CIM = Cum in Mouth(口爆)
CMT = Certified Massage Therapist(专业按摩师)
COF = Cum on Face(颜射)
CKT = char koey teow, local Chinese (本地华人)
Chapatti, curry, tosai = local Indian(本地印度同胞)
Cheong- Lust,fuck,sex,gian etc… ie. slogan of MSF

DATY = Dining At The Y. Performing oral sex on a woman with her legs spread in Y position. (品尝鲍鱼)
DFE = Dead Fish Experience (死鱼经验)
DFK = Deep French Kissing (深度法式接吻)
DIY = Do It Yourself (masturbation)
Doubles A = threesome with two girls and you
DT = Deep Throat (深喉)

FIV Finger In Vagina
FJ = Fcuk Job (做爱)
FK = French Kissing (法式接吻)
FL = FreeLancer (自由行者)
FOV = Finger Outside Vagina
FR = field report (试车报告)
FS = Full Service (全套)
Full Course = Package and Massage

GFE = Girl Friend Experience (女友Feel指数)
GND = Girl Next Door (邻家女孩Feel)

HC = health center , very often referring to venue provides escort and masseurs with facilities such as sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, mini theater, internet, food and beverages and etc
HJ = Hand Job (手活)
HM = Home ministers ie Wifes/GFs (老婆/女友)
HR = Hand Release (a hand job) (放机)

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion (我的愚见)
Incall = A venue provided by escort agency/massage parlor for you to meet the girl

kimchi = Korean (韩国)

LFK = Light Face Kissing (象征式法式接吻)
LK = Light Kissing (浅吻, 点到即止)
Local = Usually referring to domestic escorts or masseurs (本地)
LOS = Land of Smiles (refers to Thailand)

MIB = Man in blue/Man in black, local authorities (便衣执法人员)
MILF = Mother I’d Like to Fuck, whether married, separated or divorced, that a male individual sees as physical attractive enough to want to have sexual intercourse with them. (熟女, 字面上的直接翻译是: 妈妈, 我要吊你)
MP = Massage Parlor (按摩院)
ML = Massage Lady (按摩女郎)

NL = nasi lemak, local Malay (马来同胞)

OKT = “Or Kui Tao”, captain or PIC (乌龟头, 负责人, 马夫)
OL = Office Lady (办公室诱惑)
ONS = One Night Stand (一夜情)
Outcall/overnight = where service provider will deliver escort to your hotel or doorstep. Usually transportation charge applies.

Papasan Male manager of a massage parlor
Pinoy = Filipino (菲律宾)
PM = Private Message (论坛私底下通信)
Popiah = Vietnamese (越南)
PRC = China Gals (中国美眉)

Raincoat = Condom
RLD = Red Light District (红灯区)

SP = Service Provider
Sushi = Japanese (日本)
SW = Street Walker (妓女)
SYT = Sweet Young Thing, usually referring to escorts or masseurs in early 20 or below 20 (年轻可爱)

Tomyam = Thai (泰国)
TG = Transgender (变性人)
TT = teh tarik,  a drinking session (聚会)

Water bed = service on a bed in bathroom or during shower
WIR = Would I Repeat (我会回头吗?)
WL = Working Ladies (美眉)

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